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Hypnotherapy is a complementary health therapy that uses the trance state of hynosis, a natural state of relaxation that allows a focused state of attention to help you deal with a condition or change unhelpful habits.

Most of us have experienced that “how did I get here” moment when driving along a familiar route, or have been so caught up in a book or a movie that we no longer notice what’s going on around us or we completely lose track of time & this is a form of light hypnotic trance.

Sometimes problems can not be solved simply with the practical conscious mind alone, so think of someone with acute fear of flying, whilst they know rationally that air-travel is statistically safe, this doesn’t help them deal with the mind-numbing sense of fear they experience when it comes to getting on a flight however using hypnosis we can access the more emotional un-conscious mind, allowing it to release old, outdated habits, fears and emotions that may be preventing you from living the life you want to lead.

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