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I’m Ruth,
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You can find more about hypnotherapy here – but if you want to find out  how I can help you to empower yourself to take back control, whether from stress that’s taking the joy out of your life, eating habits that are doing you no favours, a lack of confidence or fears and phobias that are holding you back, addictions that are ruining your health or negativities that are preventing you from reaching your true potential, then please, read on.

Hypnotherapy Works

By focusing on challenging & changing the more instinctive, unconscious, part of your mind hypnotherapy can help you to deal effectively with stress, build your self confidence & esteem, empower you to lose weight & gain the body & shape that you deserve, boost your motivation, improve your sleep & much, much more

Value Yourself

You are the most important asset you have – your health & vitality are paramount – taking the time to invest in you, to be still, relax and regain your balance can help you to readjust your perception of the amount of control you have over your life.

There is no change without change

It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve always done, but you can be certain that will produce the same results it always has. Taking even a single step towards your goal is movement, movement that we can build on.

Release your mental blocks

Sometimes we know what it is that’s holding us back from losing weight, feeling more confident, less stressed or negative, and sometimes it just seems to be a core part of us; beliefs or habits that have taken root without us really knowing how.


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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Once you’re in a relaxed, yet focused state of trance, the critical, part of your mind becomes less aware and the unconscious, emotional part, actively listens and is more openly receptive to suggestions and ideas.  

This can help you to see things differently and so can be very helpful for those suffering stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. It can also help with emotional habits which have become ingrained such as smoking, drinking too much, and has been shown to be a very effective pain management intervention. 

Going into a trance state is an entirely natural process, achieved generally by guided relaxation, combined with intense concentration and focus to achieve an altered state of consciousness – think about how when you’re watching a really good movie, or reading an enthralling book you can completely lose yourself in the plot.


In my final year at university I became very stressed & anxious in the lead upto my exams and found that listening to Ruth’s self hypnosis download on a regular basis really helped me to regain my confidence & focus.
Durham, UK
Having struggled with emotional eating & weight issues for many years I have found that my hypnotherapy sessions with Ruth, both in person & via Skype, have really enabled me to take back control of my appetite and maintain my ideal weight.
Brighton, UK
As the owner of a small business I used to feel completely overwhelmed & pressurized by the demands on my time & finances but after a series of sessions with Ruth & regular listening to the self hypnosis download she created for me I feel as if I’ve regained my equilibrium & focus.
London, UK

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